What Makes Us Special?

Cohout nv was founded in 1983 and is based in Nieuwerkerken (Limburg, Belgium “).
It is the continuation of a second generation wood traders with years of tradition and experience in the exploitation of forests and the trade in trees. The result of the longstanding commitment of Ludo Colemont and his team is that Cohout grown into one of the main suppliers to the first timber processing industry.

Besides trading trees Cohout has also been able to specialize in the trade of sawn timber. Some factors that led to this favorable development, are undoubtedly the excellent cooperation with several subcontractors and the combination of a favorable strategic location and good transport facilities.

Cohout is PEFC and FSC certified. This means that we have proven that we do ecological forest management and are committed to continue this in the future.

The first step in cutting down trees on a piece of land is to obtain a permit for the felling of these trees. The Ministry of Environment maintains strict measures to achieve to maintain a balance in its structure in België.Na a license, which can be requested by the forest owner or Cohout, the trees can be cut down

After collecting the trees they are tailored according to quality to then be shipped to a customer. Cave Eren branches are cut and used as firewood. This can be purchased by individuals. The remainder will be chopped to serve as food for the soil is a re trees to be geplant.Onze trees are transported by truck, train or ship container in cooperation with a few trusted transporters and subcontractors


If one timber processor is largely dependent on the quality of its raw materials. Cohout NV by her eye for quality and its long experience in the extraction of timber and trading of various types of wood become a solid supplier of hardwood.


The private forest Cohout is ideally placed to offer a
wide range of European sawn hardwood. All our
logs are already in the wood carefully
selected and measured.

Visit Our Warehouse

Cohout invites you to attend its warehouse so you can observe the superior quality of our products. Oak and beech we have the most common thicknesses always available, both bool and edged.

Our Products


Diameter : 30 CM+
Length : 2.50m/+
Quality : A / BC Grade


Diameter : 25 CM+
Length : 5 MT+
Quality : ABC

White OAK

Diameter : 20 CM to 40 CM+
Length : 4MT+
Quality : ABC


Diameter : 20 CM+
Length : 5.20 MT+
Quality : AB


Diameter : 30 CM+
Length : 2.5MT+
Quality : A / BC Grade


Diameter : 20 CM+
Length : 2.00MT+
Quality : ABC

Cohout NV

Ambachtstraat 1126 – 3850 Nieuwerkerken – Belgium
Phone: 011/58.18.29
Web: cohout.be

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